Fusion Fall E+

Team Up to Throw Down!

                               Technically.......what "IS" FusionFall?


FusionFall is a Massive Online Game developed by Gringon Entertainment and Published by Majesco Entertainment.


The rights are owned by Cartoon Network.

                    What is FusionFall - Cartoon Network Version


                              What is FusionFall - TagForce Version




-How it all Began-

Lord Fuse is the absolute ruler of Planet Fuse, a dark and twisted planet bent on nothing but destruction.

It has been traversing the Universe, finding planets with life and sapping their natrual resources and rending the victimized planet weak and helpless.

Many homelands have been claimed by the heartless ruler.


It was only a matter of time before he found us.

Chapter 1 

_-The time is now-_ 


"Lord Fuse has found us."

"But we wont go quietly in the dark." 

Heroes from the far reaches of the globe have teamed up to take on this new and impending threat.  Great heroes as well as notorious villians have all teamed up to protect their home from destruction because as we all know, they cant rule a place if it no longer exsists.

Spearheaded by Dexter and the entire Kids Next Door Organization, the resistance is building to take down Lord Fuse. Other Great heroes have joined the ranks like Ben Tennyson, weilder of the powerful Omitrix, the Legendary Swordsman and master Martial Artist Samurai Jack, the Powerpuff Girls from Townsville, Rex, the Nano tecnological wonder as well as many other heroes that have come to take a final stand against Lord Fuse. 



Chapter 2 

-_-A Turn for the worse-_-

"The Twisted Lord Fuse has noticed us preparing a retaliation assault.

I fear he may also have something up his sleeve as well...."

Lord Fuse knows the residents of Earth wont go down without a fight. Using a hazardous chemical from his very own planet called Fusion Matter, he has created and assembled an army of hazardous monsters. The intoxicating Fusion Matter also has the ability to disrupt the molecular bonds within objects and causing some objects to levitate as well as mutate other objects it comes in contact with. Fusion Matter is very dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. It can destroy entire lands as well as poison the lakes and other bodies of water and render it inhabitible for many years.

However that is not the worst of what has happened.

Lord Fuse knows that the Guardians of Earth are not easily bested, so he created his most devious and brilliant creation yet,



 These doppelgangers are created entirely of Fusion Matter. 

They are the Dark, evil copies of Earth's very Protectors. They have all their powers and nearly all of their abilities. They are matched in almost every way but their heart and courage. 



This will surely be our most greatest challenge yet.


Chapter 3 

_-_-It is not enough-_-_

"It is not enough.

This threat is much bigger than we anticipated. We cannot do this alone"

They cannot do it alone. The fate of the world rests on everyone's sholders. Take up arms and help take down Lord Fuse. Created by Dex Labs, Mandark Industries as well as the KND Organization are tools in which you need to take on your daunting task if you choose to accept it. Armor created from them will dull the effect of the poisonous Fusion Matter and allow you to take down the monstrous creatures of Lord Fuse's Army. State of the art weapons will allow you to electrify, poach, fry, your enemies in the dirt. Join the ranks of the elite freedom fighters as you defend earth from impending doom. Our heroes can only do so much.

It is now time for you to become a hero too.


 The time is now.

Are you Hero enough???