Fusion Fall E+

Team Up to Throw Down!



 Never thought you'd see a normal day after the FusionFall war right?

 Well guess what n00b........they DO exist.

Also, SCHOOL exists too. And homework. And Speeding tickets.

 Sound too good to be true?

Well! It isnt. 

The world turned into the same lame boring wad of junk it was before the coming of Planet Fuse -

With the exception of course of all the weirdos, aliens, villians, gizmos, gadgets, rivaling nerds, and your occasional fangirls of course running around now.

Kinda glad too. I think if they werent here, this world would be a whole lot more boring. 


The name's Rex.

I'll be the hero of this story for right now until I get bored with your face. 

I'm so awesome, I've even got my own little sidekick! 

Well, a bit less of a little sidekick and more of a 4' 2" purple Furball that doesnt talk much.

 But I understand what he says.

Even if you dont.  

I mean heck, with all the fun stuff behind us with only the lame stuff to look forward to, who WOULD wanna talk.



I just hope it isn't gonna stay this LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME forever..


I think if something interesting doesnt happen in the next 2 weeks, I'm gonna become a mute too.. 

                           What IS E+??

FusionFall E+

The name of my Comic/Story/Boredness Project


It was originally started by a Thread Posted in the Xtreme FusionFall forums that became not only WILDLY Popular on the Forums, it created a quaintly BOSS story to build on.

 Unlike all other FusionFall FanBased stories, Mine plans to be a tad bit more light Hearted than most.

It will equate a good chunk of humor and seriousness.

I personally don't like emo stories, or stories too sad, or overly dramatic. 

I usually prefer comedy to Emo-ness or Lovey dovey crap........but I love some seriousness as well.


Think of it as.........well......an equivalent to Fairy Tail.