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                                            FusionFall Network


 The FusionFall Network is a collection of FusionFall dedicated fan sites run by dedicated players like yourselves.



 Below are all the FusionFall Sites joined in the FusionFall Network.


We are always hoping to have add more to our ranks.

If you wish to join the Network,


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Xtreme FusionFall

The Home Of Legends.


E+'s Biggest Partner 

Run by Xlr8 147

Forum Space, Community, and General Knowledge on FusionFall 



Want to chill out in a friendly place about FusionFall with other cool players?

 You've come to the right place!

About Xtreme:
Xtreme is your place for Community.
Even though the Online community fanbase is slowly disappearing, we at Xtreme are still holing strong.
We've came a long way, gained more and more dedicated members each and every day and we all hope for that one day when FusionFall comes back full Force, BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVAR!

We are a lax group of individuals, choosing to run our little corner of the internet a bit different than typical forums.

So please! Sign up here and join in the community! Also! the rest of the site has much to offer as well!


Create a profile on the Players page so all your friends can see how awesome your character looks and to also stay in touch. 
Xtreme is also equipped with a Chat box so anytime you want to live chat with fellow members, feel free to go there ANYTIME!
You can even use it in-game if you want to!

                    Hints 'n Tips

Need a list of all legit redeemable codes?


Wanna know where all the secret snails are? 


How in the world do you actually  complete the Solo Shell mission!? 


Well that is what Hints 'n Tips is all about!


FusionFall Hints 'n Tips
Log on, Load up and get ready for action!

Run by Oliver Zombieweasel



News, alerts and General information about FusionFall.


About Hints 'n Tips:

Oliver Zombieweasel is your man for news and info on FusionFall.

Trying to stay as current as possible, Hints 'n Tips gives you heads up on new nanos, expansions, codes and glitches in FusionFall among other things.

You can also find help on frequently asked questions, how to defeat ceartain Fusion Bosses, guide questions, and much MUCH more!

                       Project R

The project will only be dead for those unwilling to fight for it.



From the FusionFall Central forums,

A user Wiltilt created a way to inspire Cartoon Network to update FusionFall seeing as how it has suffered greatly under lack of updates, Bugs and Glitches.



His idea gave Birth to

Project R,


A movement to call out to CN and let them know that we are still here and want them to give life back to the Grand World of FusionFall.



His idea consists of a Letter, Petition along with all new and interesting things that CN can put into FusionFall.



To find out how you can help, read other's comments on the Project and just be a part of the Project, please click the following link:





A Grinding Group Started by Ace Cometshark

                       Xtreme FM





Radio Page