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What is FusionFall E+?

Just what IS E+?


And just what does it stand for?


 And what is TagForce???

Does it have ANY THING to do with FusionFall?

Is it canon? What IS canon? Will Dexter's Belt be ALWAYS that low?

(P.S: Yes it will. Because I'm a closet Perv.)

How long have you had this site? Can I be in the comic?




So many questions.

So little care to give out.

 Well, I'll do my best to answer them:


FusionFall E+

The name of my Comic/Story/Boredness Project


It was originally started by a Thread Posted in the Xtreme FusionFall forums that became not only WILDLY Popular on the Forums, it created a quaintly BOSS story to build on.

 Unlike all other FusionFall FanBased stories, Mine plans to be a tad bit more light hearted than most.

It will equate a good chunk of humor and seriousness.

I personally dont like emo stories, or stories too sad, or overly dramatic. 

I usually prefer comedy to Emo-ness or Lovey dovey crap........but I love some seriousness as well.


Think of it as.........well......an equivalent to Fairy Tail.


Question #1

Just what IS E+?

 And what does it stand for?



The Law of the Conservation of Energy


"Energy cannot be created or Destroyed.

It can only change from one form to another."

-Albert Einstien


I would like to go on the record of saying


But that's not the reason why I made this the new title of the story/comic/Trick

 The Conversion and use of energy by changing it to one form to another plays a MASSIVE role in the story.

Maybe not so much in the first part of the story........but later.


To explain it bluntly in another way, 

Energy in the Story/Trick/Law will serve as a Plot device.....

A unrivaled power....a Death Sentence....a way to set fire to a dress...

and the reason to fear the name of the Beast King.


And when it comes, 

and hopefully I'll be able to deliver on the artwork...

 You will know.

Question #2


Just what is it now?



 Tag Force originally was the name of my comic.


But I got tired of it.

It might be used later.....not sure. So that is why my URL is called this. But the name of the site will be FusionFall E+.

Question #3

Is this cannon?

Is this how you spell Cannon?

 What is Cannon?


Canon....by definition.....is simply what is said to exsist OFFICIALLY in a story.

For Example, in the official story of FusionFall, Dexter shows up to save Mac and Bloo from Fusions in the RoboDexo 2000.


Because this was made by the actual company, this is referred to as "Canon".


Whereas any story made by me or you or even another Director from another company is said to "exist outside of Canon ".

Question #4

How long have you had this site?

Can I be in the comic?




3.) Yes. 


Or at least I will try.

 I first have to get over my own insecurities in my art and stop being one heck of a lazy mofo.

1.) meh i dunno. leik a year and a half me bethkinks


2.) Do I know you???

Question #5

Will Dexter's Belt be ALWAYS that low?



Too Funny .......


Next Question.

Question #6

Why do you pick on Tennyson so much and make him the butt end of all your jokes?


Cause he's a ......WAIT! WHO TOLD YOU THAT!?